A Quick 48-Hour Cleanse We Could All Try

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Every now and then, I get a little naughty and fall off the band wagon by eating more sugar and fat than I should. Oops. Then I end up feeling bloated and fat, and blah. I bet you can identify, especially after after a long week at work or going out for a good-time on Friday night. It’s times like these that turning to a cleanse can rejuvenate my body and get me back on track.

But what's a good cleanse? Our bodies are very good at detoxifing themselves, we just need to give them an extra boost, and consuming a whole foods diet will help you do just that.

Here's a quick two-day cleanse adapted from Dr Oz's 48-Hour Cleanse that keeps your body nourished with the right detoxifying foods while eliminating unhealthy toxins. All of these items are available from CRAVE, and can easily be bought in advance and chilled and then (where necessary) re-heated at home.


Start your day with one of our Chia Puddings topped with Fresh Fruit and Berries. Our Chia Puddings are lovely and thick after being soaked in almond milk overnight. Try our Vanilla, Beets & Berry Chia Pudding which is topped with greek yoghurt, macadamia gold muesli, berry coulis & fresh fruit (if you're not into dairy, simply ask for the version without yoghurt - it's easy as we make them on the spot.) All of our Chia Puddings will help you achieve what you need.

Our Chia Puddings work as an intestinal broom on your insides. Chia seeds are an ancient superfood, a rich vegetarian source of Omega 3 fatty acids which is ideal for helping you enhance your learning and memory and keeping your skin healthy. They pack a protein-bunch above their weight, are high in calcium and help keep blood sugar levels balanced.

Our high-fibre fresh fruit and berries will help with constipation while also making you feel full, in a nice way.


Follow breakfast with a detox drink. Cold-pressed juicing retains all the enzymes in the fruits or veges by using no heat exchange during the extraction process. And it tastes great! Here's a few suggestions from our menu board. Liver Detox which is packed full of ginger, beetroot, and apple. Ginger is known for its ability to help alleviate common digestive issues. Constipation, bloating, gas and other digestive issues can be eased by ingesting ginger.

Or our Beets & Greens with spinach, kale, beetroot. Beets are a high-antioxidant vegetable which has been known to cleanse and detoxify. They house nutrients such as betaine known to help eliminate toxins from liver cells, pectine which clears toxins that have been removed from the liver (so they don't become reincorporated back into your body), and betalains which are pigments with high anti-inflammatory properties and are great for encouraging the detoxification process.

Our cold-pressed juices come in 450ml cups (or ask for one of our bottles if using across two days.) 


At lunch-time take advantage of one of our Smoothies. Our Smoothies are loaded up with nutrient dense foods to help boost your immune system or to give an energising power-punch to your metabolism.

Try our Kiwi Kicker, it's packed full of spinach, kiwifruit and apple - all designed to give your intestines as good sweep. Or our Green Machine Smoothie with kale, spinach, avocado and banana.

Spinach is high in iron, folate, vitamin K, and B6 - all excellent blood builders. 


On a good winter's day you can't beat a lovely broth-based soup that is packed full of wholefoods nutrients and punch. Try our Chunky Vegetable Soup in its lovely vegetable broth. Or our Lemon & Chicken Soup with a chicken broth base. 

Follow with a lovely Epsom Salt Bath which will sweat out unwanted toxins and help you relax. Then before bed drink Dandelion Root Tea (available from your local supermarket) which will help your liver continue to remove all those unwanted toxins from your body.


All of our take-out menu items come in environmentally-safe packaging. Or bring in your own re-usable packaging for an added (or subtracted!) discount.