Spring into Clean-Eating

Spring is easily my fave season. I love seeing the new growth and brighter colours. It's refreshing and inspiring. Spring is also a time for new resolutions. We all have our own lists of achievements we're desperate to get on with: tidy the garden, paint the house, loose the extra winter weight...

If you're planning to go on a diet, which one will you choose? Keto, paleo, whole 30, raw... or if you will choose to follow a diet plan at all?

Whether a diet calls for lowered carbs, higher proteins, uncooked foods, or less refined sugars, most (not all) diets have the good foundational basis of clean eating. (Keep an eye out for diets that won't deliver your nutritional needs.)

Eating clean is a deceptively simple concept. The soul of clean eating is consuming foods that are as close to their natural form as possible. It's a healthy approach to eating where the idea is to be more mindful of the foods we eat. Simply, clean eating is all about consuming whole foods like fruits, vegetables, whole grains, healthy fats and lean proteins; while reducing the consumption of refined grains, salt, alcohol, added sugars, and packaged and processed foods.

Which-ever clean eating diet (or non-diet) you choose to follow, we're challenging you to clean up your diet. Over Spring, we'll be writing and posting about our best clean-eating tips, Crave menu foods, and recipe ideas to inspire you to eat delicious, whole foods.