Nau mai! Welcome to CRAVE. We are closed over Matariki Weekend. See you on Monday.

we deliver

we deliver for free in and around Cambridge

choose to have your order delivered directly to your door

Whether it is rain or shine, when you don’t have enough time to come to us, we’ll come to you. We offer home or business delivery in and around Cambridge! We dispatch delivery six days a week. Delivery is free.

individual or team orders

Our delivery service is ideal for individual orders. Pick what you want and then simply order online telling us where and when you want your order delivered.

Our delivery service is perfect for working breakfasts or lunches, team get-togethers, events and meetings. Whether you're feeding the 100, or just feeding five, contact us in advance for a unique order number. Then when each member of your team orders online they can use the provided unique reference number. No one in your team will need to use a personal credit card and we will provide your business with an invoice to be paid after delivery.

where do we deliver?

We deliver in and around Cambridge.

Wanting us to deliver to you outside of Cambridge? Phone us on 07-595 0266.

do you have to pay for delivery?

We do not charge for delivery when delivering to you in and around Cambridge.

what days do we deliver?

We deliver Monday to Friday, 8am onwards and Saturday, between 10 and 11am and then between 1 and 2pm. And will deliver outside our opening times by prior arrangement.

when should I expect to receive my order?

When you order you can pick the time of delivery. We endeavour to deliver as close as possible to the time you pick.

where will my CRAVE order by delivered?

The default location to deliver your CRAVE order is your front door or front office. But please feel free to add delivery instructions to your order. Don’t forget to let us know if you have a dog on your property.

what happens if I'm not home when my delivery arrives?

Where we can, we’ll leave your order in a secure location away from the elements to keep it safe.

If you plan to be away at the time of delivery, we recommend placing a chilli bin / cold storage bag at your front door in which we can place your order - away from insects and the elements.