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be kind to the environment

being kind to the environment

use your own reusable dishes and cutlery

We encourage our customers to provide and use their own reusable dishes and cutlery, where they can. 

Some of our High School students, stop into the store on their way to school and reuse the same (washed and dried) lunchboxes everyday. We make the salads and pack them into their lunchboxes.

We give a discount when you use your own reusable dishes. 

Notes on health and safety. If you're using your own reusable dishes, please wash and dry these between orders.

single use containers and cutlery

We recognise that using your own containers doesn't work all the time. Our containers are made from easily sustainable sources, are biodegradable and multi-use.

we use 100% recycled PET containers

Our Salad Bowls are served in 100% recycled PET containers. 

we use compostable boxes 

Our Salad in a Box are served in compostable salad boxes. Our salad boxes are made from organic kraft paper and are compostable.
We encourage you to take your compostable boxes home with you, rip them up into smaller pieces and add them to your compost bin (along with your home food scraps and garden waste) where fungi and bacteria will help break it down faster.

our cutlery is plant-based

Our cutlery range is made from plant-based bioplastic. Although designed to be single-use they can be used multiple times, therefore are reusable.

our smoothie cups are recyclable

Our smoothie cups are made from PP material. These are easily recyclable.