Nau Mai. Welcome to Crave.

about CRAVE

we are a healthy "to-go" cafe specialising in gluten free food

We're a small but bustling contemporary healthy eating, "to-go" cafe on the corner of Empire and Alpha streets, in the CBD of Cambridge. Here, you'll find us serving nothing but fresh and natural foods which we've lovingly crafted to ensure it tastes like food you'd want to eat every single day.

welcome to crave

welcome to CRAVE

We're Kirsten and Chris and we own and operate CRAVE. We started CRAVE with the desire to offer the food we love - healthy, whole foods that are not only good for you, but also taste great. We love being creative and innovative - trying new things or old things in different ways - and totally enjoy it when our customers love what we do. 

about CRAVE

Cambridge (New Zealand) owned and operated, CRAVE is a destination for fresh, homemade, delicious, healthy and gluten free food. We're a small contemporary whole foods kitchen and "grab-and-go" cafe in Cambridge, NZ.

vegan. vegetarian. flexitarian preferences

We also offer a balance of vegan, vegetarian, and meatatarian options. 

allergies and intolerances

CRAVE food is designed to be healthy, and also, to cater for a wide range of dietary allergies and intolerances. Our food is gluten free, and also supports those of you who have dairy-free, and onion-and-garlic free requirements.

we deliver

We deliver for free, in and around Cambridge, NZ. Whether you want us to deliver to your work or your home, we are here to make your life easier.

Or come, pick up from us at 24 Empire Street - we love chatting to you.

order online

Order early to let us know what you need. You can order right here on this website. Easy.


One of our goals is to help keep a sustainable world, with sustainable operations and practices, based on sustainable decisions.

we value you

We enjoy being a part of the local vibrant and growing Cambridge community. We are part of the Totally Locally Cambridge scene and are enjoying seeing the way it is evolving a

We value the conversations we have everyday with our customers. When our customers feel comfortable enough to tell us about their food lifestyle needs and goals, it help us feel part of their lives, understand needs better and in turn allows us to be more innovative.

We continuously look for ways to deliver you food that you love, that is healthy for you and that helps you meet your goals.