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  • Gut Health: A Diverse Gut Microbiome Improves Sleep

    Recent research suggests that the more diverse your gut microbiome the more likely your sleep will be uninterrupted. This makes sense, as a more di...
  • Gut Health: What's Your Gut's Reaction?

    Your gut microbes produce neurotransmitters to help regulate sleep and mood, and control feelings of fear and anxiety [3] which contribute to your ‘gut reactions’.
  • Foods that Help Make Your Feet Stink

    I was intrigued this week to learn that some foods promote foot odour. Which ones? You guessed it! Refined foods help your feet smell. 
  • Gut Health: Download our FREE Vegan Gut Health Cookbook

    As I’ve started to look for foods that better suit the needs of my now-aging gut more, I’ve put together a vegan mini-cookbook that targets the needs of a healthy gut. We’ve made it free and available for you to download.
  • Gut Health: Listen to Your Gut

    Your gut is super smart. The current scientific theory is that your gut has as many neurons as your brain. And those neurons do a lot of talking... Read on to learn about listening to your gut.
  • Bring Your Own Reusables

    One of the things we don't shout loud enough about is how we LOVE our customers bringing their own reusable cups and containers to CRAVE so we can directly fill them. 
  • Foods naturally rich in magnesium, zinc, omega-3 are perfect when feeling stressed and anxious

    You may find yourself a tad anxious during our new new norm. A safe first step in helping to alleviate those feelings of anxiety is by eating "[a]...
  • A short film showing our Arancini di Riso (Risotto Balls) going from nude to coated in GF bread crumbs!

    15 seconds of film showing our Arancini di Riso (Risotto Balls) going from nude to coated in GF bread crumbs!

    Click here to watch the magic!

  • Arancini Balls - Pop-up Food For The Week Starting 11 May 2020

    Arancini de Riso are gooey, cheesy deliciously plump stuffed rice balls enclosed in crumb, and then deep-fried (I know a little naughty.) They have undergone rigorous testing in our house and have passed the "must have" test. Divine!! And importantly, these are gluten-free.

  • Our Online Store now accepts POLi Internet Banking Payments

    We are very excited to announce that CRAVE's online store now accepts POLi Payments.

    There is no waiting, no delay - its as quick as a card but, significantly, does not require a credit card - and is as secure as online banking.

    Watch a quick explanation about POLi Payments


  • Its 6am on ANZAC Day 2020

    As the bugle played across the cool dark misty Gwyneth Common at 6am this morning, we stood with our community by our letter box on the street side to remember our heroes and the sacrifices they've made.

  • Pumpkin, Peanut Butter & Chia Seed Cookies. Gluten free. Vegan. Keto.